Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where Will I Be?

I think there are definitely different types of people. The last guy wanted to get information so he could make money and avoid accidents. Someone in control of their future.

Much more common are people who act as if their future is something that happens to them. Something that cannot be avoided. It may be that people who end up in phone sales are the type of people who do not take control of their future.

Some typical responses are like:

I would like to know where I will be. Will I be married? Will I have kids?

Another person:

What will my career be? What kind of job will I have?

And another:

Will I be successful? Will I make some good money?

To me, these seem like things that a person has some control over. I will grant that these are probably young people who are in the phone slug job just to get by. But still, they sound like people who are just waiting for something to happen to them.

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