Monday, March 10, 2008

When Will I Die?

A guy trying to reduce my interest rates wants to know:

When will I die?

He did not explain why he wanted to know that. I wonder how important it is to him. This is something that a person does have some control over. You can always end your life whenever you want.
I think he may have meant that he would like to know how long he had to live. That would make more sense to me - you could make plans. But still, knowing when you are going to die does not seem as important as how you will live.

This also shows that some people really do not feel that they have any control over their life at all.
This guy did not give any indication that he would attempt to change when he would die. He spoke as if the time is set - he wanted to know when.

I have gotten this answer twice more lately. One guy wanted to know in detail:

I want to know when I die - the date, the time and the place.

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