Thursday, December 6, 2007

Results So Far #1

Just this morning I got the most hostile response that I have ever gotten by asking a survey question. The lady called to find out if I wanted to extend my car warranty. The recorded introduction said it was URGENT that I act now because this would be my FINAL opportunity for this offer. I bet.
I asked my question 1. I thought I was as polite as ever. The lady was indignant:

Come on. What is this?

Just a survey question.

What are you trying to pull? I can tell by your voice that you have an issue with this call? What do you want?

It's just a survey question.

Yeah. Right. click

This belligerence surprised me because usually if the caller does not want to play they just hangup. They are, after all, professionals in the field. They spend all day interrupting people to beg for money. One would think that they would cooperate.

I have records of 36 calls. Of these 12 hung up. 24 decided to play.

I will enter the old responses as I have time and the new ones as they occur.

Calls 36
Play 24
No Play 12

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